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Cheesy skillet hash brown & eggs

Prep:10 mins
Cook:25 mins

Nutrition per serving

  • kcal661
  • fat35g
  • saturates12g
  • carbs54g
  • sugars0g
  • fibre5g
  • protein30g
  • salt1.1g

This easy, gratin-inspired skillet hash brown with eggs will brighten up your breakfast or brunch. This is a great recipe for lazy weekends or when you are looking to spend some time alone.


  • 1 large Maris Piper potato (approx 250g), coarsely grated
  • 1 egg, beaten
  • 1 tablespoon plain flour
  • 20g grated cheddar
  • Finely sliced 3 spring onions
  • 1 tablespoon vegetable oil
  • 1 egg
  • 20g grated cheddar
  • 1/4 tsp chili flakes (optional)


1. The oven should be heated to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Place the grated potato in a tea towel. Drain any excess water. Mix the egg, flour, cheese, and half of the spring onions in a bowl. Season the dish with salt and black pepper.

2. Oil a 20cm skillet, or frying pan and heat on medium heat. When the oil is hot, use a spoon to press the mixture of hash brown and water into the pan. Make a well in its middle. Fry the mixture for 6-8 minutes until it turns golden.

3. Bake the hash brown for 10 minutes in the oven. To add toppings, crack the egg in the gap and sprinkle the cheese on top of the hash brown. Bake the potatoes for between 8-10 minutes, until they are crisp and the egg white and yolk are set. If desired, sprinkle over any remaining spring onions and chilli flakes.

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